Borka-Vitális Levente- President of the organization

Borka Vitális Levente

In 1998 he graduated the University of Veterinary Medicine in Timisoara and since 1999 he has been practicing in Tg-Mureş. Since 2002 he has been working in his own private surgery, exclusively with pets. (www.veterinar-mureş.ro)
He collaborates with several associations / foundations concerned with animal protection (Fiducia - Reghin, Rescue Me - Tg.Mureş etc.). The greatest impact concerned with wildlife was the collaboration with the Milvus Group Association. He works together with Csaba Domokos (Milvus Group), the project coordinator for the research and conservation of brown bears (provides anesthesia for the bears that are to be tagged with GPS / GSM collars that allow to monitor the animals, ensures the expert assistance and participates in setting free the bears caught in traps / chains set up by poachers, participates in the releasing of illegally held baby bears by unauthorized persons). He is interested in the parasitological diseases of wildlife, particularly large mammals (bear, wolf, lynx, and wild cat). Also, the veterinary care of sick wild birds arrived at Milvus Group, and their rehabilitation are a priority to him.

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