About us

Vets4wild Association was founded in 2012 as an organization for the protection and rehabilitation of wild, healthy and/or sick animals; it is also a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization with juridical status.


The founders are:

  • Köbölkuti Loránd
  • Szilágyi Csongor
  • Borka-Vitális Levente

All three of us are practicing veterinarians; we would like to do something for the sake of a cause which has been neglected.
Our aim is the protection of wildlife, the medical attendance of injured wild animals in order to rehabilitate them, the support of those sciences which facilitate the protection of wildlife and the rehabilitation of wild animals (veterinary medicine, translocation medicine, epidemiology, pathology, biology, ecology, the science of environment) and also the foundation and encouragement of the ecological tourism, which will lead to the future development of Romania.

Concerning the protection of wildlife in Romania we have the following aims:

  • The  popularization of the ecological mentality/behavior in order to protect the wildlife
  • The professional guidance of those persons who take up the protection of wildlife or they are willing to do this
  • The professional collaboration with other associations, organizations and with similar initiatives
  • The creation and expansion of  protected natural areas and also the implication in their management
  • The stimulation for the reconstruction and durable development of the aforetime fauna
  • The support of those technologies which main purpose is the well-being of wildlife

In order to heal and rehabilitate wild animals we set the following aims:

  • to create a centre and/or more centers of rehabilitation which assure the healing of all categories of wild animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians) in optimal conditions
  • to attract and guide volunteers in the rehabilitation centers
  • to enlarge the knowledge of the vets in these or other similar associations by organizing courses and assuring possibilities to work/assist in the rehabilitation centers
  • to create partnerships among vets from Romania and other countries who are professionally implicated in the pathology of wild animals
  • to create partnerships among rehabilitation centers from Europe
  • The created rehabilitation centers would like to attract and educate young people who are interested in the protection of nature.


We also planned to be involved as coordinators and partners in different project and research which aims are the well-being, protection and rehabilitation of wild animals; the orientation of young people towards those sciences which are connected with the protection of the fauna.

The encouragement and promotion of the modern, civilized ecological tourism, sports and activities which protect the fauna is also one of our purposes.

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Phone numbers:

  • Borka Vitális Levente 0744 509 254
  • Kükölkuti Loránd 0744 597 674
  • Szilágyi Csongor 0744 899 719

Email: info (at) vets4wild.ro